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Virginia city church alliance group


Synopsis of August 21st Virginia City Church Alliance meeting:

The Faithful Attending were Jim Clark, Sandra Hudgens, Kathy Wilson from St. Paul’s Episcopal. Father Bobin, Judy Allen and Francine Borlee from St. Mary’s of The Mountains. Susan Taylor and Sharon Snell from First Presbyterian Church. Bill Wilson from St. Hughes Episcopal in Silver Springs 

The meeting lasted  from 10 to 11:30 am at the History Center in VC.

There was a special opening presentation by Candace Wheeler from The Comstock Cemetery Foundation on the history and organizational structuring of CCF.  She also passed around a 150 year old Ladel (spoon) that was stolen from the Cemetery grounds and had since brought the family bad luck. They wished to return it with a letter of apology.                      

The Presbyterians are working to replace the boardwalk in front of their Church most likely with colored cement detailed with wood grain. Cost as high as $15,000. Their payment for the Chronicle ad runs out Sep. 20th. St. Paul's will then start paying the $24/week for four months. St. Mary’s to follow the ensuing one years obligation after that.  Presbyterians have a Pot Luck every second Wednesday at 6pm. 

The latest steeple repair at St. Mary’s proved to be better than previous attempts but leaks are still evident although improved overall.

St. Paul’s will host the Holiday party on November 24th at 12:30PM downstairs. Two turkey’s and one ham for the Nov. 24th Holiday party will be supplied by the Catholics and Presbyterians.

No new movement on electrical repairs although Kathy Wilson has come up with a new grant writer interested in St. Paul’s plight and she will visit the Vestry on September 22nd.

The Buddhist of VC were reached out to for attendance at our Alliance meetings but no response. 

St. Paul's and St. Mary's will have separate Rummage sales on Camel race weekend Sep. 6-7-8 2019. The Presbyterian Church will be bringing items to either St. Mary's or St. Paul's.

Weekly Attendance St. Paul’s 6-12, First Presbyterian 25-35. St. Mary’s 45-70. 

Next meeting on Wednesday October 16, 2019 at the History Center 20 F St.


God Bless You All

Jim Clark