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Virginia city church alliance group




Synopsis of Virginia City Alliance of Churchs meeting:


The Faithful Attending were Jim Clark, Sandra Hudgens, Kathy and Bill Wilson from St. Paul’s Episcopal. Judi Allen and Francine Borlee from St. Mary’s of the Mountains. Sue Taylor, Sharon Snell and Bill Beeson from First Presbyterian Church.

The meeting lasted from 10:00 to 11:25 am at the History Center in VC.

Kathy Wilson read the minutes from the last meeting. No corrections.

St. Mary’s of the Mountains

Judy Allen led off the discussion on whether to have a Spring rummage sale. It is the general thoughts that it would be better for all concerned, to have one sale that would be held the weekend of the Camel Races. The Chili Cookoff weekend does not show much promise. St. Mary’s is still looking for an organist. There is currently a choir of 2 (Judy and Francine). The organ is out of tune. Bill said that he and Howard could possibly tune it for them. The leaks in the steeple have diminished. Attendance averages about 30. There were 3 services for Christmas and all were well attended. The rectory has been rented. Some problems but will be worked out.

First Presbyterian Church

Sue Taylor reported that there was a full house for Christmas Eve. Sunday attendance is holding steady. The heating is not working in the new sidewalk yet. There are repairs and upgrades to be done to the boiler system and then the sidewalk will be coordinated with the heating system. Money has been acquired to replace the front stairs into the Church. This will possibility be built with Trex. The carpet was cleaned and looks great. Sharon is getting th name of the cleaning company for Judy. Great news! The church continues to be financially solvent. $40,000.00 was just put into CD’s. Jim offered the name of the firm Wadell & Reed, as a contact for investment into the stock market. The deacons were able to help a family, father and two children, with lodging for two nights. They were in transit to a job in Alaska. 

Sharon Snell– The weekly ad in the local paper is working well. The dates for each Parish are: First Presbyterian 5/24-09/20 (18 wks), St. Paul’s 9/27-1/17(17 wks) and St. Ann’s 1/24-5/15(17 wks). The Chronicle billed First Presbyterian for an extra week that went into St. Paul’s agreed time. St. Paul’s will reimburse $24.00 to First Presbyterian. Discussions should be had on whether to continue the ad after this year is complete. Sue brings in fresh baked communion bread and cinnamon rolls to the church. Sharon explained the Deacon Fund to us. This is comprised of a extra offering once a month. These funds are used to help members of the community. There is no need to be members of the church to take advantage of this help. This fund was used to help the young family on their way to Alaska for employment.

Bill Beeson– First Presbyterian is having monthly Bluegrass Gospel potlucks. These will be scheduled on the 3rdWednesday of each month, beginning April 15th and the last potluck on August 19th. It begins at 6:00. The Church Alliance Music Festival was discussed. Bill suggested that it be on Saturday, June 13th. The Festival would showcase worship music for the 1800’s. Possibly start at First Presbyterian at 10:00am with morning refreshments. Next, St. Mary’s and completing the festival at St. Paul’s. We could possibly have a potluck lunch at St. Paul’s since there is available space. Each church will provide music for approximately 30 minutes. Bill said he would be happy to help with that. Squeak(spelling?) will be returning in time for Easter. Kathy will be posting the schedule for the potlucks on St. Paul’s website. Jim suggested that we all get together at the Bluegrass potlucks when we can.

Sue – the church is taking donations to take care of the feral cats that are living on the church property. 

St. Paul the Prospector –

Sandy Hudgens– Rev, Trudy Erquiga was here last Sunday to present a workshop ‘Gifts of Discovery’. It was very interesting and is offered in two parts. This workshop helps us to discover which gifts that we have to offer to the parish and the other people in our lives. 

Jim Clark- There were questions on how baptism and confirmation are addressed in the Presbyterian Church. Sue explained the criteria for each of those.  The rummage sale in the fall was a grand success with St. Mary’s bringing in over $1000.00 and St. Paul’s $717.00. The raccoons are back. They enjoyed some homemade candy before the Christmas Bazaar. The Holiday dinner was a great success. There were 75 in attendance. We are already looking forward to the next one. The Acting Bishop of Diocese of Las Vegas, NV will be visiting St. Paul’s on May 3rd. Sandy was elected to the Standing Committee and to the Museum Committee which oversees the restoration of the church. Heidi Swank, Nevada Assemblywoman, will be asking the legislature for funding for St. Paul’s restorations. Angelo Petrini attended the last Vestry meeting and has expressed a willingness to help St. Paul’s with the restoration. He spent considerable time with the congregation and gave some very good ideas on how to help attain that goal.

Jim asked Kathy to add Bill Beeson onto the recipient list for emails pertaining to the meetings.

Also, add Mercedes, Heidi and Patty Pumphreys.

Sue asked us all to keep her friend, Parker, in our prayers.

The next meeting will be March 25th.

Meeting adjourned.

Next meeting on Wednesday March 25, 2020 at the History Center 20 E St.

God Bless You All

Jim Clark

Addition after minutes were sent:

Many thanks to Francine at St. Mary’s for gifting St. Paul’s with the 2019 Breaking Bread books. St. Paul’s will use these books as a resource for music at their services. Thank you again Francine.